Kiss Miko Doll

Kiss Miko Doll

Dress-up Miko and her cat


  • Very colourful
  • The cat


  • No options
  • Gets boring very quickly


If the kids are driving you mad these holidays you might want to think about introducing them to Miko, a Japanese manga-style doll who needs some help dressing in the mornings.

It's a very simple game aimed at very young children. Miko is surrounded by many different styles of girls' clothes: short skirts, long dresses, a kimono, trainers, tiger-feet slippers, an umbrella and her pet cat.

By selecting each item and dragging it onto Miko you can dress her in your favourite style. I had some problems selecting and dragging some of the clothes which frustrated me; I guess a younger child might start screaming if it doesn't work perfectly.

And the lack of options means all those kids with low boredom thresholds are going to get pretty fidgety after about two minutes. Still if you can invent a few stories, perhaps it could be a nice teaching aid.

This toy lets the user manipulate the appearance of a manga-style character using the stylus. The Kisekae Set system is a Japanese software program for dress-up dolls (kisekae ningyou).

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Kiss Miko Doll


Kiss Miko Doll

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